Sunday, 21 June 2009

The end. :(

Well, I've tried my best with the insurance company, but they are not going to pay for the further treatment the vet wants to try to get Bonnie sound. Much as I love my Bonnie, with just my pub salary I really can't afford the £600 plus callout fees that Adequan injections would cost. :(

So it's been decided that Bonnie will be given the summer off to see if she comes sound. It would be great if she does, in which case we'll be doing very light hacking, until next year when I'll be off to the Royal Vet College (fingers crosed! :D) and she can go to live out the rest of her life in a nice field with shelter behind my house (... once I've sorted the fencing and a companion out!). If not, she will be officially retired at the end of the summer and can enjoy an extra year of mooching about in her field, weather permittig. :)

I've had a great six years with Bonnie in my life, having owned her for 3 of those. She's got me through some pretty shitty times, and I'm always going to be thankful to her for that. She's got a home for life with me whatever happens. :)


Anonymous said...

Omg I am so sorry, I know how you feel in a way coz my loan horse has now been signed of work due to lamness... It probably isn't as bad as what you are going through but still. thinking of you and bonnie during this hard time x

Alice said...

Oh hun Im so so sorry :( Everything *crossed* that maybe some time off does help her come sound. She's an incredible little mare. *lots of hugs*