Monday, 23 February 2009

Serious slacking! :)

Hmm, forgot to write much over the weekend. :)

Well Friday I did a little grid with Bonnie, which I built up to an upright to a bounce to another upright. She had a couple of refusals to start off with but then seemed to start enjoying herself and being a bit more compliant, hehe.

Then Saturday I gave her a lunge, then Sunday I did the same grid again. I managed to get some video footage of her which I'm probably going to put on youtube if I get the chance. :) And todayyyy, twas back to the old lunging again. My little sister came to see her and give her some love too. She knows there's always more food about when she comes. :)

Oh, and I can now officially say that Bonnie is NAKED. She's been going out in the field without a rug during the day since the middle of last week, but seeing as it's so mild at the moment and she is quite hairy anyway she's now not having one overnight either.

Wednesday, 18 February 2009

Oh dearie.

Hmm, I've been slacking a bit with the old blogging.

Well, Sunday I finally managed to do a little bit of gridwork with Bonnie, the snow had finally melted off of the side of the arena where it was set up. She quite happily popped down it, it wasn't particularly complicated, just a bounce to a one stride to an upright. Then she had Monday off seeing as she had had - shock horror - 5 days of work in a row.

Then yesterday Catherine took Ben, Bonnie and I to Great Westwood for a bit of xc schooling. Bonnie and I didn't do much in the way of jumping seeing as she is still pretty unfit, but we popped over a few of the smaller jumps, and up and down some steps and things. I think Bonnie really enjoyed the little outing, she must've been getting a bit bored of all this silly arena work. :) But she was very very tired afterwards, silly marey had insisted we try to keep up with ex-racer Ben when him and Catherine went for a gallop up the hill, hehe.

But on a slightly bad note, I noticed yesterday she has got some scabby mud fever-y bits coming back again, so I went to stock up on Hibiscrub. :)

And then today, when I went up in the morning, poor beastie's legs were quite filled, I assume from a combo of her exertions yesterday and the mud fever reappearance. Her near hind is usually a bit filled in the mornings when she's been stood in, but she doesn't usually have it to such a degree in her other legs.

Ah well, she will have been mooching about in the field all day today, and will probably have another day off tomorrow unless I get the chance to pop up and see her in the evening. All I did with her today was give her a good groom, scrub her scabby feeties then take her in the arena and did a wee bit of groundwork with her just for fun, some carrot stretches, backing up, yielding her quarters and begging/bowing etc. :)

Saturday, 14 February 2009

Happy Valentine's Day! :)

The sun is shining and everything. :)

This week's been a bit crap for weather, par exemple I didn't go and see Bonnie on Wednesday cos it started raining quite heavily just as I started my walkie to the yard. Then on Thursday it started SNOWING once I got there so I had a lovely walk back to Buntingford in the blizzard! I popped up to see her for a little bit last night as well before I went out.

She's been able to go out in the field again this week, and with having done more work she has FINALLY chilled out a bit. We still had a little loonie moment today on the lunge, but nowhere near as bad as she was before. I'm hoping the whole arena will defrost so that I'll be able to get a go at doing some grids with her, all this silly snow has put somewhat of a halt to it all.

Weather and everything-else permitting, we will be accompanying Catherine and Ben to go xc schooling at Great Westwood on Tuesday, which will be a nice outing and a change for us both from the monotony of lunging and trotting around the arena. :)

Tuesday, 10 February 2009

Bloody weather...

From one form of precipitation to another eh?

I skived off going to see Bonnie last night a cause du le fait que I was really not up for a walk in the pouring cold windy rain. :) But I went to go and see her for a bit tonight.

The arena wasn't quite so snowy, but was very soggy! But I managed to give Bonnie a lunge, which proved quite interesting. She seemed to have a fair bit of energy, so managed to get herself very worked up and sweaty. Poor beast got some apples from my little sisters after her exertions though so I don't think she was too traumatised. :)

Hopefully it won't be too horrible weather tomorrow and I'll get a chance to ride her.

Sunday, 8 February 2009

Ice ice baby...

Yeah, the snows still here.

And I officially haven't ridden properly in a week.

Didn't get to see Bonnie on Friday as the buses weren't running again. Been to work yesterday and today so got the chance to take her for some little hacks.

She is really starting to irritate me with how badly behaved she is being! :) I spent most of the time I was out with her today fighting to just get her to CHILL and walk. As soon as I tried to relax the reins as just let her walk out she would grab them and try to run off. At one point she just decided to up and jump sideways and canter off for a few strides, before doing silly little hoppy rears when I made her stop.

I may have to whack out a stronger bit or something, as this is starting to get a wee bit ridiculous. :)

Wednesday, 4 February 2009

More snow-fest.

Oh dear, this snow really isn't going any time soon is it.

Took Bonnie out for a walk with Mayfly this evening, after pulling her mane because she was beginning to look a bit bedraggled! Silly horse is not taking well to this lack of proper work business. The slightest noise was the excuse for silliness. There was a noise behind us at one point so she thought that would be a good excuse to just leapt up and forward with no warning. And of course, having to step over a branch on the ground meant she just had to try and jog off.

I don't know whether I'm going to be able to go up until Saturday now because I have so much school work to catch up on after the two snow days. I don't think poor Bonzo is going to cope well. :( They were fun at the time, but 9 hours of work to catch up on is a bit crud. Hopefully I'll get another snow day (with buses still running, mind!) so I can pop up and see her during the day.

Tuesday, 3 February 2009

Snowy-time. :)

Hooray, the buses were running today. So I popped to go and see my lovely marey after lunch, camera at the ready!

We went for a little mini-hack in the snow so Bonnie could stretch her leggies, as she's been stuck in since Sunday. I put lots of greasy hoof stuff in her feet in an effort to stop her getting 'snow stilts' but I still had to get off a couple of times to pick her feet out. Silly Bonzo didn't seem to understand that it was quite slippy and got very annoyed when I kept stopping her from trying to run off, hehe.

I think we must've been out for about 45mins, by which time she had chilled out and realised we weren't going to be going anywhere fast. So she decided she would investigate the snow instead, so we ended up walking along with her nose skimming the ground for a bit until I convinced her that was a bad idea and she might stack it. :) When we got back I took her for a little walkie in hand so she could have a little graze, then we did some stretches and 'begging'.

All in all, a nice little couple of hours with my lovely horsie. I'm back to school tomorrow I believe so will pop to see her a bit later. I might go straight after lunch as I have a free last, or I might go a bit later so we can accompany Mayfly and Annabel on their walkie. :)

Monday, 2 February 2009

Bother bother bother.

Hooray for snowwwww! And a lack of education!

... BUT all this snow has meant that no buses at all are running today. :( So I'm not going to be able to go and see Bonnie today, and perhaps not tomorrow either.

I did get to lunge her yesterday before I had to go to pub-work, she was a bit of a loon but hopefully she got quite a lot of it out of her system seeing as she'll likely be stuck in for a few days.