Monday, 23 February 2009

Serious slacking! :)

Hmm, forgot to write much over the weekend. :)

Well Friday I did a little grid with Bonnie, which I built up to an upright to a bounce to another upright. She had a couple of refusals to start off with but then seemed to start enjoying herself and being a bit more compliant, hehe.

Then Saturday I gave her a lunge, then Sunday I did the same grid again. I managed to get some video footage of her which I'm probably going to put on youtube if I get the chance. :) And todayyyy, twas back to the old lunging again. My little sister came to see her and give her some love too. She knows there's always more food about when she comes. :)

Oh, and I can now officially say that Bonnie is NAKED. She's been going out in the field without a rug during the day since the middle of last week, but seeing as it's so mild at the moment and she is quite hairy anyway she's now not having one overnight either.

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