Tuesday, 3 February 2009

Snowy-time. :)

Hooray, the buses were running today. So I popped to go and see my lovely marey after lunch, camera at the ready!

We went for a little mini-hack in the snow so Bonnie could stretch her leggies, as she's been stuck in since Sunday. I put lots of greasy hoof stuff in her feet in an effort to stop her getting 'snow stilts' but I still had to get off a couple of times to pick her feet out. Silly Bonzo didn't seem to understand that it was quite slippy and got very annoyed when I kept stopping her from trying to run off, hehe.

I think we must've been out for about 45mins, by which time she had chilled out and realised we weren't going to be going anywhere fast. So she decided she would investigate the snow instead, so we ended up walking along with her nose skimming the ground for a bit until I convinced her that was a bad idea and she might stack it. :) When we got back I took her for a little walkie in hand so she could have a little graze, then we did some stretches and 'begging'.

All in all, a nice little couple of hours with my lovely horsie. I'm back to school tomorrow I believe so will pop to see her a bit later. I might go straight after lunch as I have a free last, or I might go a bit later so we can accompany Mayfly and Annabel on their walkie. :)

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