Saturday, 14 February 2009

Happy Valentine's Day! :)

The sun is shining and everything. :)

This week's been a bit crap for weather, par exemple I didn't go and see Bonnie on Wednesday cos it started raining quite heavily just as I started my walkie to the yard. Then on Thursday it started SNOWING once I got there so I had a lovely walk back to Buntingford in the blizzard! I popped up to see her for a little bit last night as well before I went out.

She's been able to go out in the field again this week, and with having done more work she has FINALLY chilled out a bit. We still had a little loonie moment today on the lunge, but nowhere near as bad as she was before. I'm hoping the whole arena will defrost so that I'll be able to get a go at doing some grids with her, all this silly snow has put somewhat of a halt to it all.

Weather and everything-else permitting, we will be accompanying Catherine and Ben to go xc schooling at Great Westwood on Tuesday, which will be a nice outing and a change for us both from the monotony of lunging and trotting around the arena. :)

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