Wednesday, 18 February 2009

Oh dearie.

Hmm, I've been slacking a bit with the old blogging.

Well, Sunday I finally managed to do a little bit of gridwork with Bonnie, the snow had finally melted off of the side of the arena where it was set up. She quite happily popped down it, it wasn't particularly complicated, just a bounce to a one stride to an upright. Then she had Monday off seeing as she had had - shock horror - 5 days of work in a row.

Then yesterday Catherine took Ben, Bonnie and I to Great Westwood for a bit of xc schooling. Bonnie and I didn't do much in the way of jumping seeing as she is still pretty unfit, but we popped over a few of the smaller jumps, and up and down some steps and things. I think Bonnie really enjoyed the little outing, she must've been getting a bit bored of all this silly arena work. :) But she was very very tired afterwards, silly marey had insisted we try to keep up with ex-racer Ben when him and Catherine went for a gallop up the hill, hehe.

But on a slightly bad note, I noticed yesterday she has got some scabby mud fever-y bits coming back again, so I went to stock up on Hibiscrub. :)

And then today, when I went up in the morning, poor beastie's legs were quite filled, I assume from a combo of her exertions yesterday and the mud fever reappearance. Her near hind is usually a bit filled in the mornings when she's been stood in, but she doesn't usually have it to such a degree in her other legs.

Ah well, she will have been mooching about in the field all day today, and will probably have another day off tomorrow unless I get the chance to pop up and see her in the evening. All I did with her today was give her a good groom, scrub her scabby feeties then take her in the arena and did a wee bit of groundwork with her just for fun, some carrot stretches, backing up, yielding her quarters and begging/bowing etc. :)

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