Sunday, 8 February 2009

Ice ice baby...

Yeah, the snows still here.

And I officially haven't ridden properly in a week.

Didn't get to see Bonnie on Friday as the buses weren't running again. Been to work yesterday and today so got the chance to take her for some little hacks.

She is really starting to irritate me with how badly behaved she is being! :) I spent most of the time I was out with her today fighting to just get her to CHILL and walk. As soon as I tried to relax the reins as just let her walk out she would grab them and try to run off. At one point she just decided to up and jump sideways and canter off for a few strides, before doing silly little hoppy rears when I made her stop.

I may have to whack out a stronger bit or something, as this is starting to get a wee bit ridiculous. :)

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