Monday, 2 March 2009


Well, the good news is that Emma is very happy with Bonnie's progress so she is not going to be having such regular physio treatment anymore, but instead every couple of months. She's given me lots of ideas about how the way I ride has an affect on Bonnie's way of going, so I have lots to work before her next visit, particularly the way I use my body to ask her to bend.

However, the slightly bad news is that Bonnie doesn't seem to be perfectly sound at the mo. She is much more comfortable through her back etc. than she was, but when I'm riding I sometimes get the feeling she is having some discomfort in taking weight onto her back legs. For example, when I'm circling, particularly on the left rein, she will often trip with her back legs. And when Emma and Catherine were watching me ride her on Saturday they did say she did look a bit unlevel behind at times.

She's always had an issue with getting filled back legs in the mornings, particularly her near hind, but we're starting to think that there might be something else going on. Catherine trotted her up for me yesterday and she does seem to not 'swing' evenly with her back legs in the first stride or two of trot she does from walk.

So yeah, hopefully I am going to try and get a vet to come and have a look at her, and perhaps get some further investigation done if need be. She needs her teeth done anyway so it'll getting two jobs done at once I guess. :)

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Alice said...

Hope that slight lameness isn't too much to worry about, glad to hear the physio is pleased with her :)