Sunday, 8 March 2009

This weekend. :)

Well, yesterday I didn't do much with Bonnie, just gave her a trot up (seemed ok!) and a lunge. She was in a bit of a loopy mood on the lunge again, we had lots of bucking and silliness going on. Stupid horse kept spooking at a jump wing, then getting all freaked when I tried to stop her falling in on the circle with the lunge whip. I just can't win. :)

Then today, I had intended to hack, but as it was so windy I figured Bonnie would just been in a stupid mood again so couldn't be bothered to have to deal with her idiocy for an hour or so. :) So instead we just went up the track and back for a little warmup before doing a bit of schooling. She was in a bit of a weird mood today, she seemed very 'behind' my leg and wiggly and silly because she was spending most of her time spooking at EVERYTHING. So I didn't try anything too taxing because I knew I'd just get wound up with her, there's no use trying to achieve much when she's in a funny mood like that. But having said that, she was a lot better at adjusting her canter stride than when we last had a go. Getting a left bend from her was still quite a battle though, especially when she's trying to spook at a jump block to her right. :)

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