Monday, 30 March 2009


Well, it's been more of the same, really. Little walky hacks, Hibiscrubbing her leggies and feeding her Budgens Value apples, ahaha.

She had a leisurely weekend moseying about in the field... although I did see her and Mayfly decided to have a bit of a moment and go charging about the field together on Saturday. :) So today we went for a bit of a longer hack, and had a short trot on the homeward stretch. Bonnie seemed to be feeling a little full of herself today as it was, she was being quite silly and spooky, so she was more than eager to go springing off into a power-trot, ahah. We only did a few strides, which she was not happy about and decided to do some kind of weird sidestep and drag me into a hedge... laddered my tights! (Yes, I do ride in shorts and tights, cos I'm cool! :D)

So providing she seems comfortable tomorrow, and in subsequent days, we'll be building up her trot work over the next couple of weeks.

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