Wednesday, 8 April 2009

Happy times.

Well, I'm on Easter holidays, and Bonnie is living out now... so we are both happy. :)

We're still building up Bonnie's trot work... although at times it is a bit of a battle to keep her in trot! When we went for a hack with Catherine and Ben on Sunday she kept trying to break into canter, regardless of me trying to convince her she needs to taking things easy. And yesterday she was doing her best 'wild horse' impressions with some spectacular rearing and spinning at nothing in particular. She's really not doing a very good job of being 'arthritic'! Bloody horse nearly got me off. I also think that's when I lost my phone too... I think it fell out when she reared and span to the side and I kind of ended up clinging to her neck haha. Oh dearrrrr.

I just hope the vet is happy with her progress when she next comes to see her. For the sake of both our sanities, I think I just need to be able to let her have a canter! :D

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