Thursday, 23 April 2009

Fun in the sun!

I love the sun! :) Except for the fact it seems that the bright sun, combined with all the pollen and such like in the air, is making Bonnie's headshaking much worse at the moment. Her nosenet helps a lot, but she still flips her head about in trot a bit and constantly wants to rub her head and nose on anything she can.

But all in all, she is a very cheery pony, living out in her nice green grassy field with Mayfly, and only coming in to get some love, fuss and her daily, drugged-up feed! We go for some nice walky/trot-y hacks too... although silly horse does occasionally try to break into canter when we hit any kind of grassy track, haha. We've built up to quite a few long-ish trots on longer hacks anything up to an hour and a half... although I had to be quicker when I went to see her today so we just went out for a quick 40 minute hack. I also randomly decided to ride bareback today for a change. I think Bonnie enjoyed not having a girth done up round her, and I enjoyed the fact that I still have pretty good balance and haven't lost my core stability completely seeing as I haven't been riding much recently! :)

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