Saturday, 11 April 2009

Rain, rain, go away.

Bonnie and Mayfly did not seem happy about having been out in the rain overnight when I got there this morning. :) Mayfly was standing at the gate shouting at me, whilst Bonnie was hidden in the field shelter. The two fat mares were very happy to come in and get a handful of haylage each.

After I'd mucked out and poo picked, I took Bonnie for a lovely hack in the rain. She was in a bit of a stupid mood again, we had a minor rebellion when she saw a dog walker up ahead. Obviously, the best thing to do in such a situation is to start backing up into a ditch...

We were probably out for about an hour in all. Bonnie seems much happier to be having longer and more frequent trots now, she's always quite full of herself when we first leave the yard, trying to jog off and doing weird spinny things etc, but after a couple of trots she settles down nicely. She wasn't very happy today though, I took her along this track at the side of a field which she seems to associate with being allowed to have a gallop. :) She tried to tank off with me at a canter, and got very annoyed when I made her stop and do a civilised trot.

She'll probably just be having a short ride tomorrow seeing as I have to work at the pub at lunchtime, hopefully the weather will be a bit nicer for us!

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