Thursday, 26 March 2009

Walky walky walky.

Well, Bonnie has been back on turnout again since yesterday, and she's seeming much more chilled about this walking out in a straight line business. Although we do still have quite a lot of spooking and trying to run off to deal with. Why does all the wildlife seem to emerge as soon as I set off for a hack?!

But yeah, we're starting to build up the walk work slightly so she is doing a bit more, before we start incorporating some short trots as well. Today we had our first longer walk, of just over 45mins. It was about as eventful as walking can be, with various pheasants and ducks and tarps and things to overcome. At one point I ended up having to get off because she decided she didn't want to walk past a flower pot or something and decided to put in a little rear! Which really really really can't be good for her hocks, so instead of battling to get her past it I just walked ahead of her and that solved all her issues with it. :)

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