Tuesday, 3 March 2009

Windyyyy. :)

Bonnie was a bit of a loony today.

She was obviously having a whale of a time in the field because when she came in she had lot of cuts and scrapes all over from where she'd been running about being a div. I was actually quite worried when I went to pick her off hind out. When I put it down, I was like hmmmm, I shouldn't have all this blood on my hand. :) But I gave it a wash and it turned out to just be another tiny cut.

I did some severe leg scrubbing/scab removal this evening too, seeing as the mud fever seems to be making a comeback. Grahh.

But yeah, riding Bonnie was a bit of a fruitless exercise really. She was just in such a stupid mood, spooking and rushing and generally making life very hard for both of us. I was having a very hard time getting her to bend properly, because she was spending half of the time with her head stuck in the air and twisted to the outside snorting at things. :) But she finally chilled out and we managed to do a couple of decent circles on each rein in trot and canter, as well as doing the shortening/lengthening canter strides exercise Emma got us doing on Saturday. The best we managed was to extend to 9 and collect to 14 strides along the long side, which I don't think was too bad considering the battle I was having to just get her to stay on the track and not canter sideways away from all the 'scary' wings outside the arena!

But despite her silliness, she did seem a bit better when I trotted her up today than on Sunday. I videoed myself trotting her up seeing as no-one was about, ahaha. But yeah, from what I could see she seemed a little bit more comfy than she did on Sunday, none of the angry head shaking as she moved from walk to trot again. Which is hopeful? :)

Ooh, but I did book a vet appointment for her today. I'm skiving a day of school next Tuesday for it, so hopefully it will prove useful. :) She's getting her teeth done as well as getting him to have a lookie at her leggies. I get the feeling it will be leaving a nice void in my bank balance... hehe.

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