Wednesday, 11 March 2009

Nawww. :)

Bonnie seemed oddly pleased to see me today, I even got a greeting when I started walking to the field to go and get her and Mayfly in!

I was pleased to see she hadn't made herself too dirty today for once, but I still had some yummy muddy legs and feet to hose off and HibiScrub. The mud fever is starting to come back under control I think, there were no new scabs today although her skin does still look a bit pink and sore in places.

So after that, I figured I would just let her run about in the arena for a bit to stretch her legs, seeing as I couldn't be bothered to have any spooking battles again! But my silly horse was very reluctant to leave me, I ended up having to give her a little flick on the bum with a leadrope just to get her to trot off, and even then she kept turning and trying to trot in to me. She is very sweet but I would appreciate getting a chance to see her move! :)

I let her have a trot and a canter in both directions, then let her come trotting in for some love and carrot stretches. We did a bit of yielding, begging and backing up, and I've started teaching her to give kisses too, ahah.

Am going to have to pop up to see her again tomorrow afternoon as I have to get her passport and things to send to the insurance company to start making claims, uggggh. :)

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