Tuesday, 17 March 2009

What a good little patient. :)

Well, Catherine kindly drove Bonnie to the vets yesterday so they could do the lameness assessment and things. She didn't seem particularly phased about being in a strange place, she went quite happily into her stable and started pulling faces at her neighbour. :)

After we'd dropped her off I just went back to school and waited for them to get back to me to let me know how it went. I got a text from the vet at about quarter to 9 in the end to say they'd just finished with her and she would ring tomorrow to tell me about things properly.

So I got a ring today whilst I was in my french lesson, ahaha. Basically, they did the nerve blocks and she is, like they expected, lame in both of her hocks. However, they also found she is also slightly lame around her near hind fetlock, so she will be having a scan to assess that further. They did x-rays of her hocks and there are some 'bony changes' but nothing too dramatic.

So the plan is, she gets some treatment for her hocks, then she will have a work programme to follow to give her the best chance of returning to full-ish work. But she can't have any injections in her hocks for 48 hours to reduce the risk of joint infection, so she is going to be staying at the vets until Thursday to have that done. Then hopefully she will be coming home Thursday afternoon. :)

So all in all, everything is seeming hopeful.

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