Tuesday, 30 September 2008

Silly beast. :)

Gave Bonzo a day off yesterday after her hard weekend, then thought I would do a little bit of sensible jumping today after all that charging about at xc! We had another go with the dutch gag instead of the snaffle today as well. It seems to help with her leaning on me, so we'll probably stick with it for a while.

So anywho, she was a bit skittish to begin with when we got in the arena because it was a bit windy, but she got over that pretty quickly. She did a badassly good canter-walk-canter transition too, so I was a happy Phoebe. :)

But our jumping was a bit interesting! I set up a bounce to an oxer, making the stride between a proper horse stride instead of a Bonnie stride. She didn't really seem to be thinking forward enough today to make the stride, so she did her lovely stop-and-duck to the side thing a few times and a HUGEEE leap from ages out one time, leaving me nicely left behind, eheh. She nearly had me off at one point, it was quite amusing really. All the humour will probably appear on my youtube in a couple of days!

So yeah, I figured I would get rid of the bounce at the beginning, and moved the oxer in a wee bit seeing as she was having difficulty making the stride. That solved the issue and she popped through the double nicely a couple of times. Just goes to show how evil I am for trying to push her out of her pony stride comfort zone. :)

Ah well, beastie won't have to put up with me tomorrow as I'm on a school trip to Cambridge. A day of classics lectures, what fun. But I'm sure she'll enjoy the extra time out in the field engorging herself!

Happy Bonnie doing what she does best! :)

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