Thursday, 2 October 2008

Schooly schooly.

Did a quick bit of schooling with Bonnie today as I didn't have much time to ride her.

Rode in the dutch gag again, it's seeming a lot easier to keep her off her forehand, but I think it might be a bit 'sharp' for her, my brakes are a bit too good. :) So I'm thinking maybe a happy mouth gag might suit her better.

Just did the usual with her really, lots of transitions, rein back and leg yielding. There were some jumps set up in the arena too which were quite handy as things to bend around, though she kept thinking she was actually jumping them and speeding up as she approached them! She started out a bit leany, but towards the end she was feeling like she was actually using herself rather than running on her forehand with her nose stuck out. She did a pretty good medium trot too, really surprised me! :)

She's getting another day off tomorrow as I'm at my cousin's wedding, then I'll probably either give her another day off or a quick lunge on Saturday, to keep her fresh for xc on Sunday. Yay! :D

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