Tuesday, 28 October 2008

All ok? Touch wood?

Well, I gave Bonnie yesterday off after her little soundness blip. I went to go see her bright and early this morning, and her back legs were quite filled (the near hind more than the off hind). I took her in the arena and walked her around for quite a long time to start off, and that seemed to take her legs down. She didn't seem to be in any discomfort at all once we started trotting either, in fact she seemed quite jolly and spritely! So I just schooled her as normal, and she was actually very good, if a little bit too forward going. There was a crosspole set up in the arena too, so I popped her over it a couple of times in trot, then a couple of times in canter. She got very excited bless her, she really does seem to be loving her jumping at the mo, and I hadn't done any with her in a while.

Also her smidgeon of mud fever seems to be fine, I caught it early enough that it's not really gotten to anything worse than a couple of tender patches of skin on her heel. And I'm hopefully getting her clipped on Sunday, and she's got a shiny new heavyweight combo stable rug on the way to stop her getting chilly once she does. So all's looking good in the world of Bonnie... let's hope I haven't jinxed it! :)

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