Tuesday, 21 October 2008


I managed to school Bonzo for like a whole half hour today. Pretty amazing for us as we both have such short attention spans when it comes to proper work, hehe.

She was a bit lazy to start with, then she seemed to liven up and we had a few bucks. She does make me laugh.

Mostly just concentrated on transitions again tonight to get her stepping through with her hindlegs better. She is getting better at not being so on her forehand, but she was still a bit leany at times. We did a couple of ok-ish medium trots, not as good as they can be but passable! :)

Did a bit of flying change practice too. I'm working on getting her to change leg from me clicking my tongue, she's nearly got it but she still sometimes gets disunited. She's turning into quite the voice commanded pony really, shhh! means go, woah is half-halt noise, humming is downward transition and brrrrr is a direct downward transition, like trot to halt. I never seem to shut up when I ride too, I'm always blabbing at her about something. The things the poor mare has to put up with! :D

Hacking with Annabel and her friend on Dels and Mayfly, should be laugh! Fingers crossed Dels and Bonnie aren't too spazzy, and Mayfly doesn't try to tank off, hehe.

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