Sunday, 19 October 2008

More jumping.

Annabel was very kind and built jumps/video-d for me today. :)

We did a little grid, a cross pole, one stride to a little upright, one stride to an oxer. And we also did a wider oxer on it's own. She was a very good girly, jumped everything without much fuss, although she wasn't too keen on the planks.

What a clever horse I have. :D

I'll probably give her this week off jumping seeing as there's not really much more I can achieve with her at home, hehe. We're going to a clear round thing on the 1st of November so we'll probably just be concentrating on flatwork/looning around out hacking until a few days before that. Should be a good outing for her, having to jump a course in a strange place, but without the pressure of being in competition.

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