Saturday, 18 October 2008

Mental horse!

OK, I had no brakes today. At all!

Took Bonzo round the two hour hack, but ended up back in an hour and a half! She was feeling somewhat full of herself today, and decided that everything had to be done at speed. When I tried to make her walk, she would jog, even through all the muddy wet bits! When we were trotting, she would do a super extended trot and try to break into canter. When we got to the first canter, I thought twice about actually letting her because of how nutty she had been. But then I figured she might tire herself out if I let her go a bit, so off we went.

Well, I had absolutely no control. Bonnie was off and there was nothing I could do about it! I probably ahould've been scared, but I just found it quite funny really. She kept bucking and making funny noises and changing legs randomly. I'm just glad there was no-one walking along the track, we probably would've actually run them over.

But then I started to think, hmm, how the hell am I going to stop her. I was just bracing myself for a tug of war when a massive herd of deer start crossing the track in front of us. Bonnie stopped DEAD, her head shot up and she had a snort fest. Pretty handy. :)

So yeah, was an interesting hack. I definitely needed the gag today, but ah well!

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