Saturday, 11 October 2008


I wasn't too lazy to set up jumps. :P Set up 3 jumps in the arena, two along each long side and one at an angle in the middle and started them all off at about 80/90cm ish.

She was reeeeeally keen to get jumping. I rode her in a snaffle today but it really does nothing to stop her when she's determined! I almost felt like I needed a martingale at times too. Ah well.

Then I whacked them up somewhat. I put one of the uprights at 1m10 and one at 1m20. I popped her each of them once each, and she flew over with ease. Such a clever girl!

I got some ok video footage so I'll probably put them up on youtube when I can be bothered! :)

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Abbey&Monster said...

Hey Pheobe! Its xXFunkyFillyXx off youtube :P I copied your idea and got blogspot :)
Juts reading like all your blogs cos im reatarded and bored.. and thought I'd say that..
Martingales DO NOT work :( They suck balls, Monster can do a girafe inpression, no makkter how tight i put it! So its would be a waste on money ;)