Tuesday, 14 October 2008

More schooling!

I was going to hack today but I couldn't be bothered as it looked like it was going to rain! So I just did a quick bit of schooling with beastie again.

She was a bit silly and spooky today. She got very traumatised by the ducks (which she has seen a million time), by an evil white jump block that was in the bushes next to the arena (shock horror!) and Annabel riding Mayfly on the other side of the trees. We were just merrily walking on a long rein when I was warming her up when suddenly she leapt in the air and buggered off up the other end of the arena. My bad for thinking she might have got used to her 'new' surroundings by now! :P

But other than that, she was actually very good tonight. Her flatwork has improved immensely since I moved her from Hadham Mill. I think she is benefitting from just having me riding her now, rather than lots of random people all the time. She's become a lot more sensitive to subtle aids now, for example, I can practically stop her dead from a canter just by lifting my hands slightly and bracing my back. I swear she knows what I'm thinking half the time too. Tonight, I asked her to halt, and she automatically rein backed. So I thought hah, I'll do something else. I asked her to halt again, and the bloody mare sensed I was about to ask her to turn on the forehand and span round before I'd even had the chance to ask. She really is too clever!

If the weather's OK I think I'll hack her tomorrow, let her have a nice gallop after all that proper work today!

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