Wednesday, 29 October 2008

Snow day!

We had snow last night! :) Only problem was that my dad's car's doors were frozen shut this morning, so we had to wait for them to thaw out a bit before he could take me to go and see my lovely beastie.

Leggies were filled as per usual, but they looked a bit more even than yesterday, rather than her near hind being bigger. I'm getting a bit obsessed with checking her legs now. :/ However, I did notice the windgall on one of her forelegs seems bigger than I remember... and one of her forelegs did seem slightly heated... or maybe I'm just making these things seem worse than they actually are. I probably am, as soon as I get the idea that anything might be wrong with my lovely pony I do tend to go a bit overboard. I do worry about her crazily, I'm like a mother or something. She is ma baby! :)

But, I've decided that for now I'm not going to get the vet out. She's not seeming in any major discomfort for starters, and also, as her 'lameness' seems to have no obvious external cause, I can predict that all a vet is going to suggest is getting some scans done. Which all seems like a bit too much effort. Because I'd have to sort out transporting her, talking to insurance company yadda yadda. Plus there'd likely be an excess which I really can't afford to pay at the moment. Sigh.

Anywho, today! The arena was frozen and I couldn't be bothered to take her on a proper hack (gates... barking dogs... mud to hose off when we get back... all too much effort! :P) so I just took her for a little mosey up the drive and along the track that runs round the paddocks, and through the wood-y bit that leads out to the bridleway. Bonnie was a bit hyperactive, as soon as she hits grass these days she thinks its galloping time, regardless of snow or mud! She was powerwalking everywhere, and when I let her have a wee trot she tried to canter off. There was a section of the track that was clear of snow so I did let her have a little canter, but she got very irritated when I made her stop, hehe. All my practice on her downward transitions seems to go out the window as soon as we leave the arena, a bit bad really! :P But at least she's happy. If she's feeling sore in any way she's not showing it! :)

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