Saturday, 1 November 2008

Hacking... and clear rounding. :)

Didn't get a chance to do any bloggage yesterday as I was busy 'celebrating' Halloween. Hehe. :P

Anywho, we went for a jolly hack yesterday. Annabel and her friend took Delami and Mayfly, and it was all pretty amusing. The mud was horrendous though, poor Dels sank in half way up to his knees! There were some minor traumas, some oh-so-scary wheelbarrows and logs and flappy tape yadda yadda. But we all got home in one piece, which was a plus! :D

So, today. Catherine and I went to a little clear round thing at Fenning Farm with Ben and Bonzo. It was a good fun little outing! The jumps were only 2ft3-6ish max but it was nice to take Bonnie somewhere different and to do a course, as we don't get to do that at 'home' anymore like we did at Hadham Mill. Silly horse failed to pick up her feet when we did the 65cm clear round and knocked a few, I think she was trying to tell me they weren't big enough for her! Then we did the 75cm a couple of times and she livened up somewhat and flew round them all. I was very proud of her for going over the scary fillers, she had a bit of a wiggle and a look at some white and green ones but she never really seemed like she was going to stop. So we got two nice little clear round rosettes to add to our collection. :D

So all in all, a productive outing I would say. More milage for the Bonzo in a new and 'scary' place. :)

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