Wednesday, 26 November 2008

Lalaa. :)

Bonnie doesn't know what's hit her, I've managed to visit her every day this week so far. :)

Spent quite a lot time with her yesterday, as I managed to get to the yard a little earlier than usual. Silly mare had managed to wiggle out of her turnout during the day, she'd had quite a few layers on as it was cold and the rug she'd had on top had come up and slipped off her head somehow, with all the straps still done up?! Wish someone had witnessed how the hell she did it!

Took her for a little walk and trot around the paddocks to warm up, then took her in the arena for a bit, again concentrating on keeping her off her forehand. Did some canter poles too, silly beast tried to jump them to begin with! Also did some practice at not rushing in leg yield, she always gets lazy and just runs through her shoulder rather than actually stepping under. But we managed to do some nice ones, so I finished on that good note. :)

Then today, she had to be in all day (not that she cared, she ate through lots of haylage!) because hard standing was getting put down at the entrance to the field she goes in, so I went to go give her a quick leg stretch. Turned her out in the arena while I mucked her out, then chased her round the school a bit. Was some good exercise for us both! :P

Upon careful inspection, I discovered a new scab on her heel tonight though. I was very quick to whack out the HibiScrub, hopefully I can get back on top of it before the mud fever gets bad again.

But! I managed to get her booked in for an assessment in physio, which is gooooooood!

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