Monday, 24 November 2008

Baby, it's cold outside!

I'm fed up of it being cold. Really I am. My lovely walk to the yard warmed me up quite nicely though. But I nearly got run over though, walking along on phone msn, haha.

But anyway, Bonnie! She is a funny creature, who never ceases to amuse me. She's such a clever little marey, as soon as I came in the barn she was all keen to come out of her stable. So I opened her door and she just came out, swivelled herself round and positioned herself next to her headcollar for me to tie her up. Bless.

Rode her in the arena for a bit this evening, was really concentrating on riding her forwards and up, even more so than usual, now I know that her being on her forehand is not only annoying for me but affecting her physically too. She was actually very good. I was doing lots of transitions within paces to try and get her stepping through more, particularly when I did this in trot I could really feel her starting her use herself more. Annabel had set up some trot poles for her and Mayfly, so I did those too. I love how she goes over trotting poles, her legs seem to stay in the air for ages. :)

So after that, took her back into the barn to demuddify/sudacrem the legs and give her some treats and love! She was not happy I made her do some stretches for her treats tonight though, but I gave her a scratch in her itchy spot to make up for it. She is the only horse I know who prefers being itched just above her stifle to on her withers or neck or something.

Yeah, so was a pretty happy little trip to see ma horsie. I tried to get hold of the physio today but didn't manage too, will try again tomorrow. I just want to get this all sorted out!

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wigsrcool said...

Ahh I'm glad you're going to be getting her physio stuff sorted soon, she deserves it bless her :)

ahah oh god, you and phone msn :P