Sunday, 23 November 2008

Things are looking up?

Wow, this is actually the first chance I've had to write anything this weekend. Been a busy bunny with work and stuff. :)

But yeah, I can tentatively say things are actually improving with Bonnie rather than carrying on getting worse as they seem to have been! The mud fever is now becoming less of an issue, there's no more scabs and the skin isn't red and sore looking any more. I'll carry one with the cream I got from the vet until it runs out though, just to be on the safe side. But fingers crossed, no more fat leg!

Seeing as her leg was no longer swollen, I went for a hack yesterday with Catherine and Ben. She was a bit spooky (nearly had me off at one point) but didn't seem to be in any discomfort at all, she seemed pretty cheery really, trotting along with her ears pricked. :) She went out in the field for an hour or so after we got back with Mayfly and her new little friendy Penny, but was very keen to come in when she saw me and came galloping towards the gate. She doesn't seem to have missed being out in the field so much this week!

Today was all horrible and cold and rainy so she didn't go out in the field, but I did stick her in the arena for a bit of a leg stretch. She was mental! Apparantly she was feeling a bit full of herself, and went leaping about, rearing and bucking and galloping and generally looking like she was enjoying herself. She also really surprised me by passaging along one of the short sides, I never knew she had the ability! I wish I'd had my camera.

After that I went with Annabel and Catherine on Mayfly and Ben for a bit of a hack. It was a bit cold and rainy, but it's nice to be able to get out of the arena. I have to make the most of it, it's so dark in the evenings after school all I can really ever do is school her.

Tomorrow I'm going to phone and try and sort out the physio coming to do a proper assessment of these muscular problems. At the minute I'm just so unsure of what I should be doing with her, she needs exercising obviously but I don't want to push her and aggravate anything. The sooner I know whats definitely up with her the better! :)

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Jodie said...

yay glad to here that Bonnie is getting better, hope there is nothing siriously wrong with her muscles. :) love the Bonzo too much :)