Sunday, 9 November 2008


I think I might need better brakes.

Jumped Bonnie today, seeing as I hadn't done that in a while. We did some interesting things, did the 'arms' and then through the middle of a helicopter jump, and a corner, and a skinny. She was off! As soon as I turned her up to any jump, she would just run at it. Then if I tried to take a slower approach, she started doing that annoying thing where she kind of twists herself sideways.

I think it may be time to whack out the martingale and dutch gag for jumping again. :/

Also, this whole bucking when I use my leg any stronger than a little tap business has to stop. She was being a bit lazy with her walk to canter transition so I just gave her a bigger nudge with my heels, and she did this huuuuuge buck then buggered off to the other end of the school (we were doing transitions on a circle). Silly horse. :)

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wigsrcool said...

Ahh you've got to love bonnie haven't you =P!