Thursday, 20 November 2008

Ho hum.

Well, where to begin.

The physio came to see Catherine's horses yesterday, and while she was there she had a look over Bonnie. Turns out she's suffering from some physical problems which I had never been aware of, for example in the base of her neck and pelvis. I feel so bad, she's probably had these issues for ages and has been struggling on, jumping and schooling for me regardless.

So basically, I'm going to be looking into sorting out these problems through the physio. But I'm going to need to see whether I can get a proportion of the cost covered by her insurance, as I really can't afford the £30 odd a month it's going to cost me otherwise. Oh, horses. :(

Went to go and see the lovely marey tonight though. She'd been out in the field so I had to spent a while cleaning up her leggies, then I took her for a bareback walk/short trot around the paddocks. She was a bit lively bless her, she tried to canter off one of the short trots I had so she can't be feeling too bad. :)

So yeah. That is that.

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Jodie said...

:( oooh poor Bonnie, she's still an amazing little girlie for being her usual hyper self though. :) I hope so much she'll get better :D