Monday, 17 November 2008


The leg is less fat than it was yesterday, but still huuuuuge.

Lucky mare got me visiting her twice today though! She seemed a little confused to see me reappear.

Went to go see her at like 10 this morning. Cold hosed her fat leg, did some Hibiscrubbing, took her on a walkie up the drive for half an hour or so, then chucked her in the arena for a mooch while I did some painting. Then I actually went and got a bit of education (hah!) before popping to the vets after school, then going to see her again for another walkie and some lovage. :)

They prescribed some new and exciting antibacterial-y creamy stuff at the vet and gave me some advice about treatment. They recommended I give it a week for the swelling to go down, if it doesn't then it will be call-out time. Also, they said I should try to 'walk off' the fluid building up in her leg rather than cold-hosing, just to keep her legs drier. So that means lots more walking for me, haha. I should've got a dog instead!

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