Monday, 10 November 2008

Rain rain go away...

I hate riding in the dark. I hate riding in the rain. So today was not the most happyfying schooling session ever for me. :)

Bonnie seemed pretty mellow about it all though. She wasn't particularly keen about the puddles in the arena, but she was quite obliging when it came to being vaguely well behaved for me!

Love my pony. :)


Annabel said...

hehe you rode in the rain! clever annabel didn't hmm apart from the fact my arm is killing from falling off, must have pulled a muscle. lol
and I decided Fly deserves a day off :o)
Are you up tomorrow? xx

Jodie said...

Hey, so you've noticed i copied you lol sorry :P great idea though, have always wanted my own web thingy and this was the easiest way possible :P