Sunday, 16 November 2008


Poor Bonzo has a huuuuuge leg.

She seemed a bit iffy when I lunged her yesterday, but I checked her legs and they didn't seem to be swollen or heated. But today, her near fore was HUGE. Like, all of it. Her whole leg.

So that killed our lesson plans for today. Poor mare was unhappy about not being allowed in the field. I took her on a couple of walks and she tried to run off, haha. And she wasn't happy about walking past the gate, did a little mini rear to show her disapproval.

I turned her out in the school for a little bit to let her have a roll whilst I sorted out some things in the yard. Beastie really is good at keeping me on my toes! For a start, all of her stable rugs are disgusting because she seems to love lying in her own poo, so I did a bit of cleaning. Then, silly mare managed to tip over her water bucket and soak all her nice clean, mucked-out bed! Ah well.

Well, what can I say. I'll go see tomorrow and hopefully her leg will have improved a lot. If not, might be time to give the old vet a call.

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