Wednesday, 8 October 2008

Hyper beast!

Well, Bonzo seemed to enjoy her couple of days off! She was pretty fresh when I rode her today.

I rode her in the field today for a bit of variety, but I could really have done with a smaller arena to slow her down, she was getting a bit forward going with all the open space! But I let her have a little gallop to let off some steam and she settled down a little.

Did some practice with our direct transitions today. She is now officially awesome at halt to canter, but we struggle with the downward transitions a bit. When she's still not quite settled, she tends to resist quite a lot. But then she gets clever and starts anticipating the downward transition to halt from canter when she feels my seat change, and kind of falls down into the halt rather than 'bouncing' into it. But she did two really good ones, then I left it on that good note.

Did a little bit of half pirouette practice too. Again, my beast really is too clever and anticipates what I'm doing and rushes a bit through them. It's so annoying having to trick her into thinking we are doing something different! :P

I pulled her mane today as well, which she wasn't too jolly about! She made some angry noises which made me laugh. But it was beginning to get a bit long and thick really, and she suits a shorter mane I think. Can't have my Bonnie not looking her best!

Will probably go ride again tomorrow (as long as I can afford the bus, eheh), I really need to stop being so lazy with her. She is getting even lardier on the new ryegrass haylage. So much for being a poor doer eh? :)

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