Thursday, 9 October 2008


Yep, took Beastie for a hack today. She was seeming pretty forward going again! :)

But she was very clever and actually stood to let me open the gate today. Usually she does this really annoying thing when she lets me stand her next to it, then as soon as I lean forward to unhook it, she runs backwards as fast as she can. But today she was very good.

She was seeming a bit silly and spooky today though. We were just merrily walking along this little track when suddenly some strange, terrible, invisible thing appear and sent her cantering for home. Strange mare!

It does make me laugh the way she knows exactly where we canter, where we stop, where we trot etc etc the whole way round the hour hack now. Kind of annoying when she was jogging in anticipation of cantering, but at least I know she'll stop at the end. Well, hopefully!

She actually managed to work herself up into quite a sweat today. Might be time to start thinking about getting her clipped. But she's still shedding her summer coat and not very fluffy yet, so I think I'll leave it a bit longer. I swear Mayfly is still hairier than her and she's already been clipped!

Hmm, but then comes the decision as to how to clip her. Last year she had a hunter clip, but seeing as she is doing much less work now I'm not sure whether she really needs that much hair off. Also she did drop off quite a bit of weight last winter (despite the huge amount of rugs!), so I'm reluctant to naked-ify her too much! Although having said that, she is probably the fattest shes been since I've had her at the moment. I don't think she's in too much danger! :D

Perhaps a blanket then. Or a high trace. Oh I dunno. :)

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