Tuesday, 6 January 2009


I hate England. So bloody cold! But at least I got the day off school today, ahaha. Happy times.

Went to go see Bonnie for a bit this afternoon, poor beastie's been stood in the last few days because of this silly weather. The taps have been frozen since like Friday as well so I had to spend a while carrying buckets of water from indoors for her. I put a different warmer rug on her this evening too. She has been in just a fleece and a heavyweight full neck rug seeing as she's pretty hairy now her clips grow back, and she wasn't cold or anything, but I felt sorry for her so now she has two heavyweight full necks on one under the other. :)

It's typical really, that when I can finally start riding again, the arena's all frozen! I still managed to do a bit of walk and trot with her in there though. I've started practicing my 'trotting in a forward seat' that the physio has asked me to do with her for the next four weeks. It's bloody hard work! After not riding so long and sitting around eating and drinking over Christmas and New Years my legs and stomach muscles aren't really agreeing with me that 10 minutes of this on each rein are a good idea! Bonnie seems to enjoy this idea, she merrily trots along with her ears pricked as I struggle with my balance.

I started to get the hang of it after a couple of circuits though and I could really feel her springing along with each step as she dropped her head and lifted her back into her movement. It's all very exciting how my little horsie is changing! :)

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