Friday, 30 January 2009

This week...

I've not been able to go and see Bonnie as much as I planned this week. Monday I was getting my hair done, Wednesday I had to go home to dog walk/babysit and then tonight... well it's Friday, I needed a day off. :P

Went up on Tuesday to ride though, got out of school at 2.30 cos I had a free last, so got there a bit earlier than usual! :) So I took her in the school for a bit. All very exciting, she was in a bit of a loony mood and kept spooking, but I just found it pretty amusing really.

Then yesterday I decided to give myself the afternoon off (naughty me!) and go and see her earlier again, dragged my friend Vicky along for the long walk too! :D She slowed me up a bit, took about 15 mins longer than usual, but it was nice having someone to chat to en route. I just got her and the others in, gave her a quick brush then lunged her for a bit. She was being a bit silly like she was when I rode her on Tuesday, but she soon chilled out. I blame the wind for her loonyness. :)

I'm quite excited for the physio coming tomorrow, I'm hopeful we'll get the go-ahead to start jumping again. I'm well keen for seeing how she's changed. It's not as if she had a bad jump before, so who knows what she'll be like now she's much more able to lift through her back etc.

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