Saturday, 24 January 2009


I thought I would take Bonnie for another mini-hack to warm up again, seeing as she seemed much more settled in the arena when I did that before. I also thought I would take my camera so I could get a wee bit of footage. So I trotted up the track a bit, set up my camera on a tree (cos I'm cool :D) and then trotted back so she could canter 'away from home'... and so in theory would not be quite so loony.

That theory failed. She started off at a reasonable pace, then just before we got to where the camera was, she just zooooooooooomed. Reminded me of when me and Robyn used to take her and Millie for races up and down Toto's Way! I got it on video and everything, so will probably whack it on the internet for humour value.

When I took her in the arena she still seemed to be a bit in hyper mode, so I had to spend a bit longer just chillaxing her with some transitions and yielding and bending and things. I reeeeeeally love how light in my hand she becomes as she stops rushing and starts carrying herself properly. This is such a novelty for me, not having a leany horse. :)

Poor beastie managed to get herself quite hot and bothered today from her exertions, so I kept her in for a bit longer after I'd ridden with a fleece on until she'd cooled down a bit. So we both listened to Radio 1 for a bit while I cleaned her tack.

I whacked her out in the field just before I left, but she wasn't too keen about being left out on her own. She followed me all the way back down the field then stood looking at me accusingly until I gave her some polos. Mayfly's back from the vets now but she can't go out in the field with Bonnie again for a week or so as she's on hand-walking exercise only. So me poor pony will be on her lazzer for a wee bit longer!

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