Saturday, 17 January 2009

More of the same.

I've been a bit slack with the old Bonzo visitation this week, I went to go ride her on Wednesday evening, but I gave myself Thursday and Friday off, cos I'm so lazy. :P

Rode her again today, using my new hat for the first time, whoo! I love the way riding her is becoming less of a chore each time I do. I mean, it's a bit time consuming and tiring having to do the exercises that Emma asked I do, but it's so nice how she's changing and is obviously using herself properly instead of relying on me to 'hold her up'.

I suppose I was just used to how she was before, but now I can really tell the difference in her. Like, downward transitions. She seems so much more willing to do them, and doesn't throw her head up and lean on me like she used to.

All in all... it's all good! Maybe seeing as I'm riding her more regularly now I'll make a video or something to show off my lovely pony. :)

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