Sunday, 11 January 2009

Getting warmer. :)

Finally, this bloody snow and ice is starting to melt and go awayyyy.

The taps were still frozen this morning though, as they have been for about a week now. At least the arena wasn't all crunchy and hard though, so I could give Bonnie some proper exercise.

Poor beastie has been stuck in for over a week now, they haven't been able to get any turnout because of the ground being frozen and rutted in the fields. So I suppose I can't blame her for being a bit fresh today!

She's getting better at doing the 'slow trot' exercise Emma has asked me to do with her, basically I just have to try and slow her trot down, whilst keeping rhythm and elevation in her steps, to get her to use her back properly. Bonnie would much prefer to rush about everywhere, so this is quite difficult for her but she did it nicely a couple of times.

Hopefully they'll be able to get turnout next week, I think she could do with the extra exercise out in the field. She's getting so fat stuck in her stable eating all day! :D

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