Saturday, 3 January 2009

Happy times!

Emma the physio came to see Bonnie todayyy. And guess what, I can start riding again! :D

To start with I just walked her up the drive for her to see her movement, and she seemed happy that Bonnie "actually moves like a horse now!". Which has to be a good thing. Then she gave her a massage, and she said she seemed much happier and less stiff through her body, although she did 'discover' an old injury in her chest muscle. It's really weird, if you push into the muscle between her forelegs she's got this little 'hole' with scar tissue around it. Emma thinks she might have stabbed herself on a fence or something when she was younger. But there, then when she asked her to lift through her back she could actually do it, unlike last time where she kinda just scuttled away from her.

So after Bonzo was all chillaxed by her massage, I tacked her up and Emma showed me some ridden exercises. For the next 4 weeks I'm going to be doing alternate lunging and ridden exercises, with the occasional hack in between when I have the time and it's not dark! So I've got lots more to be getting on with now! :D Yay!

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