Monday, 29 December 2008

Happy times!

I don't want to jinx it, but Bonnie has actually been - dare I say it - nice to lunge the past couple of days.

She has come to realise that I don't carry Mr Evil Whip to beat her senseless, just to encourage her to step through with her hind legs properly. She also now seems to understand the concept of walking and stretching to warm up rather than buggering off at a canter as soon as we get in the arena. Aaand (duh duh duhhhh!) she has finally got it into her little horsey brain (who knows what goes on in there...) that I don't like to woooooooahhhh Bonnnniiieeeee for hours just for the fun of it, but that I would actually like her to stop please. :)

She is also pretty good at coming in for treats and love at the end of each session now, she used to be like "aaaaah you have a whip in your hand I can't possibly come near you OMFG aaaah!". But since she started to realise I am always heavily equipped with polos and other such nice things she is all too keen. Today she was trotting round and I turned my shoulder in and called her and she came trotting in all sweetly. Although that could've had something to do with the fact she knew her breakfast was waiting for her in her stable!

But on a slightly crappy note, I've noticed one new scabby bit of mud fever has appeared on her near fore. I wish it wouldn't keep reappearing overnight, when I checked her heels yesterday they were perfectly clear! Hopefully I got on top of it quickly enough with the old Sudacrem. :)

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