Thursday, 11 December 2008

Bad pony, good pony. :)

Bonnie was a naughty girly on Tuesday.

The silly mare managed to snap her headcollar trying to bugger off when I was Hibiscrubbing her leggies, so I did some nifty temporary bailer twine fixing as I knew I wouldn't get a chance to get a new one for a few days or so. But then when Catherine went to turn her out in the morning the next day it broke. And Bonnie being the lovely horse that she is, she thought it would be lovely of her to go running up the gallop truck up right up to where the xc jumps are going to be. Catherine was understandably not too happy! :)

She was a right pain to lunge on Tuesday as well, she decided she was going to completely ignore my woooahhhs again and just keep doing her own thing. Bloody horse. :)

But she was better tonight though. I got there a bit earlier than usual as I managed to nab a lift instead of walking, yay! (It was nice arriving while it was still light!) So yeah, got down to lunging business. I retried the strategy of just letting her get the loonie out of her system before asking her to do anything, and I think it helped. After cantering about for a bit and having a few bucks she was very hot but seemed more willing to listen. She's still pretty crap at just walking on the lunge, for some reason she has it in her brain that she can't possibly walk for more than 3 strides on the lunge without jogging. So frustrating! But ah well, will just have to keep working with her.

I got stuck at the yard this evening for a bit as there was an accident on the road which meant it got shut. So I ended up doing chemistry homework and giving Bonnie a proper groom to kill some time. I scratched her itchy spot above her stifle with a rubber curry comb and she thought she would return the favour and groom my back. Bless her. :)

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Laura Briers said...

Heya :)
I have to lunge my horse before i ride him otherwise he's a strop, but mine never seems to want to walk on the lunge, and it takes about 5 laps to get him to halt :S
Hopw Bonnie's back gets better soon!