Tuesday, 16 December 2008

Oh silly horse. :)

Bonnie continues to make lunging as tough as she possibly can. We got into such an argument last night. She was apparantly feeling energetic, despite my efforts to try and tire her out this weekend with hacking. As soon as I got in the arena, she was off. I figured I would just let her get it out of her system, so let the line go out as far as I could and whacked out my phone msn. :)

10 minutes or so later, she was still cantering round.

I figured enough was enough, and did some severe wooooooahing. When that had no response, I started to shorten the line a bit, still woahing. That was of course an excuse to canter even faster. By this point I was severely fed up, it was freezing cold and I just wanted to get the bloody lunging over with. I figured I would stop her somehow, let her have a run around on the other rein and leave it there, seeing as she was obviously in no mood to work properly.

I woahhhed a bit more, shortened the line a bit more, but that still didn't work. So I figured I would just sort of 'run' her into the arena fence to make her stop. And it worked. Well, it made her stop anyway. But then when I went to swap the line onto the other side, she just flipped out and tried to run off again. But she'd put me in a really bad mood by now so I wasn't about to take any crap. I got hold of her bit, and she started running round me in a little circle. So then I sort of got in front of her so she couldn't run, and she reared up, lifting me up with her! Really hurt my arm!

So yeah, then I was in an even worse mood, I just let her run around on the other rein for another 10 mins then called it a day.

She was marginally better today, at least I had some kind of control over her. I even managed to make her walk after only 2 circuits of first asking her, hahahaa. She's having a day off tomorrow though cause I've got xmas shopping to do, I'm sure she'll be even more of a laugh on Thursday after that.

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