Tuesday, 2 December 2008



It's all much of a muchness with the Bonzo these days.

Yesterday I schooled her for a bit, then Hibiscrubbed and Sudacremed the leggies. Doesn't get much more exciting than that!

Today I had a free last period so I left the old school house at about 3 and got to the yardy a bit earlier than usual. It was still light, shock horror! I couldn't be bothered to ride her (lazy meeee) so chased her round the school for a bit instead. She got a bit into it bless her, we had all manner of leaps and weird spazzy legs things. In the end I wasn't having to encourage her to keep going at all, she was just merrily cantering round, changing direction occasionally. Then she got fed up and came trotting in to see me and get some scratches and love. :) She makes such funny faces when I itch her, strange horsie.

No new scabs seemed to have developed on the mud fever front, so I just whacked on some more of the anti-bacterial cream stuff I got from the vet instead. I'm running out, may need to go stock up!

Poor beast is probably going to be neglected by me the rest of the week, I definitely can't go visit her tomorrow or Friday (unless I skive and go during the day, haha) and probably not on Thursday either. Ah well, I'm spending my hard earned money on physio for her on Saturday, and she's got me all to herself on Sunday as I'm not working lunch at the pub this week. I'm sure she'll cope. :)

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