Saturday, 6 December 2008

Poor pony.

Bonnie had her assessment with the physio today.

First I just walked and trotted her up and down the drive so she could get a proper look at her, then she walked and trotted her for me so that I could see the things she was talking about. :) Basically, Bonnie does not 'swing' through her paces like she should, because she is constantly tense through her back and neck. When you look at her walking from the back, you can't see her hips moving as she strides forwards like you should be able to.

After that, she gave her a massage in order to indentify particular areas of tension. She's pretty much stiff all over, but particularly in her poll and neck. Her intercostal and chest muscles are much more built up than they should be. And she's pretty much unable to lift her back muscles, when she did manage to, she was obviously in quite a lot of discomfort.

All in all, she's been one sore little pony! :( Just shows what a lovely, honest horse she really is, the fact that she has been doing her best for me regardless of all these problems. I'm just glad they've finally been identified.

Emma's given me some exercises to do with her on the lunge. I've got to try to stick to lunging as often as I can, as it's much easier for me to correct her way of going from the ground than in the saddle at the moment. She briefly showed me some of the things I've got to be doing with her, and even in the space of 10 minutes you could see the difference, she looked so relaxed!

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