Saturday, 13 December 2008

Mud, mud, mud!

The weather was horrid today, and I wasn't up for standing and freezing in the school to lunge Bonnie in the icy, horizontal rain, so we went for a hack with Catherine instead. :)

She was, as I predicted, a loon. Everything was oh-so-terrifying, despite having a comforting Mayfly-bum to follow! I probably would've actually died if I'd tried to hack alone, she was just jumping at everything. She's always like this when she hasn't been out for a while, it's like she forgets the world and everything in it isn't going to eat her just because she hasn't left the yard or her field for a week or so.

We had a particularly spectacular spook when we were just walking along this track. With no warning at all, Bonnie just upped, span road and started galloping for home. Luckily I've got pretty good at sitting all her silly moments, so I didn't end up in the mud, which was a plus!

When we actually got to cantering, she was verrrrry keen to get going. She needed a lot of convincing to stay behind Mayfly rather than just buggering off and starting a race with her. She also doesn't seem to be experiencing too much stiffness through her back, as she seemed to have the freedom to do many huge bucks! She was better on the last canter we had, just had a little one when she saw Mayfly zoom off away from her, but as the field was sooooo muddy and she was determined to keep as close to Mayfly's bum as possible, we got some severe mud spatter!

So yeah, wasn't the most relaxing hack ever, and I had lost of cleaning to do when we got back... but hopefully now she's got that out of her system she will be less of a loon to lunge?! I can hope. :)

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