Thursday, 18 December 2008


The day off seems to have chilled Bonzo out. :)

I guess the fact she's getting more turnout now might have something to do with it. She's had to stay in more often the past few weeks cause of this bloody weather, but she was out all day today and yesterday.

But yeah, she's still pretty crap at listening to me when downward transitions are involved, but we didn't have any looning for once! I managed to get her to do some good spirally things and a few half decent walk-trot-walk transitions, and then when she was quite tired out at the end, I had a go at reintroducing the lunge whip.

It's not that she's lazy or anything, far from it, but I'm finding it quite difficult to stop her falling in on the circle when I lunge her. I figure if I can get her to let me carry a lunge whip without getting scared and buggering off, it would be useful to stop her doing this. But the lunge whip is sooooo scary, obviously. As soon as I picked it up she was offfff. So I made her halt in the middle and waved it around a bit in an attempt to get her used to it, only stopping when she stopped running away. This seemed to work ok, eventually she would stand still whilst I waved it about next to her. She seemed a bit tense about the whole thing though, so I let her have a nice long walk round after that to relax her again.

Will probably not get a chance to go see her tomorrow as I have work in the evening, but hopefully she'll be just as good on Saturday!

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